If you suffer from pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips, ankles or back it may be due to a foot imbalance or biomechanical abnormality. These problems can be easily solved by the use of orthotics, which restore natural walking and running patterns and are extremely beneficial in the prevention and long-term management of feet, leg and hip problems.

Different Types of Orthotics

There are many different types of orthotics, ranging from simple heel raises or cushion inserts to fully customised prescription orthotics which are tailored to your exact needs. Your Physiotherapist will perform a full and detailed biomechanical examination to identify any problems which may be contributing to your condition, and they will then advise you of the options best suited to you.

If you do not have a serious condition then simple off the shelf orthotics may be sufficient. If your Physiotherapist feels that your step requires greater correction they may recommend custom-made orthotics. If this is the case, a plaster cast or foam impression will be taken of your feet, which will then be sent away to our manufacturers for production.

Remember that your feet are the foundation of your body. The more care you take with your feet the better your body will move and feel.
If you are looking for more information on orthotics in Ireland, please get in touch and talk to one of our experts today!

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