• Advanced Magnetix

    The Solution is Equilibrium

  • "Within each of us is a spark, call it a divine spark if you will, but it is there and can light the way to health...There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people." Dr. Bernie Siegel
  • Nutrition/Herbs and Supplements


    Every year the majority of the cells in your body are replaced by entirely new cells. Those cells will be comprised of the molecules that you put in your mouth through food and drink. So it makes sense to fill your body with healthy nutrients. While Advanced Magnetix can go a long way in making your body a healthy environment for cells to be produced, they cannot do it all. Nutrition, supplements and lifestyle issues must be considered along with the therapy. The pillars of health like nutrition, exercise and stress management are key ingredients in the Advanced Magnetix treatment protocols.

    At Advanced Magnetix we have a fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist/Herbalist available to tailor an individual nutritional, herbal or supplement plan to suit your recovery needs.